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Our Services

Services for E-Merchants
The ChargeGateway system easily integrates into your website to enable you to process credit card payments quickly and cost effectively. The ChargeGateway solution supports multiple currencies and multiple languages and is available to merchants around the globe.

Real-Time Payment Processing
Real-time payment processing enhances web-site purchasing tremendously! ChargeGateway allows consumers to be transferred to our secure web server to enter their credit card and billing information or merchants can integrate our payment engine directly to their own secure web server using one of our APIs. Between 3 and 5 seconds is all it takes to process a transaction and provide receipts, order confirmation, risk assessment, and customized reporting through an easy to use web interface.

Click here to see how Real-Time Payment Processing works.

Web-Based Point-of-Sale Terminal
The ChargeGateway system allows a merchant to process credit card transactions in real-time through our own web based POS terminal. This terminal can be used to process purchases as well as pre-authorizations, returns, adjustments and partial refunds.

View snap shot of our Web-Based Point-of-Sale Terminal

Anti-Fraud and Risk Management Features
In addition to the fraud checks provided by the card processor, ChargeGateway provides extensive automatic checks that substantially reduce risk. These include: address verification services (AVS), valid card number checks, duplicate order checks, spending patterns checks, frequency of card usage, and guards against automatic credit card number generation programs.

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